Culture-Change Communication

Fear + Silence = Angry Employees. You’ve hammered out the details, gotten board approval and told the employees about the Big Change (i.e. merger, new software, department consolidation, etc.). It’s.


Reposition—or else! Regardless of the economy, you need to periodically “reset” your business strategy. But there is no reset button to push. Challenge basic assumptions and practices, or the marketplace will.

Strategic Communications

Who ARE You? Quick! What makes your organization special? Every person in your organization should be able to deliver a clear, simply worded, 1—2 sentence description. And it needs to.


Heard Cats – without getting clawed.  Most groups tasked with reorganizing a company, non-profit or government agency bring lots of conflicting answers to the table. The facilitator’s job is helping.

Culture-Change Communications

Burn the Platform!  If no one seems to be listening, you must be delivering a message they’re not ready to hear. Most of us dread change and won’t pay attention.


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